Dr. Earl S. Saltzman, Ph.D.


A message to parents:

Determining whether your school-age youngster is simply going through a "phase" or is developing patterns which will lead to more significant problems later in life is very difficult for most parents to do. Dr. Saltzman will help you answer such questions as:

  1. How would I know if my son or daughter has a problem?
  2. How would I know if my child is developing behavior that will interfere with their success in school? at home? in the community?
  3. Are my childís relationships constructive and with appropriate friends?
  4. How good is my childís self-esteem?
  5. Is my childís behavior appropriate for his/her age group?
  6. Why donít my discipline methods work?
Discussing your concerns with Dr. Saltzman will help you decide whether or not more specialized evaluation and treatment are indicated regarding your child/adolescent.

Assistance IS Available

Assistance with Dr. Saltzman can take several forms:

  1. Diagnostic Assessment to identify ADD/ADHD and other issues
  2. Family Counseling
  3. Individual Counseling
  4. Motivational Work with children or adolescents
  5. Parent training (group seminars, workshops, and parent coaching)
Experience shows that corrective action taken as early as possible can result in a happier and more successful youngster and improve family life.

The Child/Adolescent Approach:

Dr. Saltzman specializes in a positive, problem-solving therapeutic model for children and adolescents nationally known as Structured Communication Therapy also known as Structured Discipline Communication Therapy. The model, first articulated by Dr. Saltzman in 1978, provides tried and true methods in the treatments of attention-deficit and other childhood issues including self-esteem, anger, and childhood fears. Structured Communication quickly shows parents and youngsters of all ages how to convert discouragement into hope and failure into success by:

Helping children and adolescents overcome typical but serious self-defeating habits of resistance, arguing, manipulation, and procrastination.

Overcoming uncertainty, guilt, and worry that get in the way of parents doing what is necessary to motivate children and home and school.

Providing children with tools for emotional growth and increased self-esteem, and parents with proven methods of successful parent-child communication, without the negative emphasis on punishment.

Eliminating behavioral, emotional, and learning problems associated with hyperactivity, day-dreaming and other forms of attention-deficit.

Behavioral Assessment and Consultation
Earl S. Saltzman, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

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