Dr. Earl S. Saltzman, Ph.D.


Strengthening Your Marriage

    Your Marriage Needs Strengthening When:
    • Support is missing
    • Resentment builds
    • Communication deteriorates
    • Interest wanes
    • Definitions of love and intimacy differ
    • Uncertainty prevails
    • Appreciation is not felt
    • Negative thoughts increase
    • An affair muddies the water
    • Mid-life crisis hits
    • Defensiveness occurs (walking on eggshells)
Don't suffer marital stress in silence!

Seek counseling with Dr. Saltzman and break the cycle of bewilderment, discouragement, and despair that leads to marital problems. Waiting almost always makes things worse!

What to expect with Dr. Saltzman:

How spouses feel about each other and themselves is a vital factor in determining the need for counseling. Over the years, Dr. Saltzman has provided a very positive approach to marital counseling which helps couples re-establish successful communication and support. The approach is strongly pro-relationship and it provides the means for resolving the bewilderment, resentment,and/or sense of hopelessness that can exist in a marriage. Couples often find that their parenting and other relationships are enhanced when their marriage has improved. Couples are seen either individually and/or jointly depending on the needs of the situation.

Let Dr. Saltzman assist you in experiencing the joy and gratification to which you and your spouse are entitled in your marriage and life.